Candidates are almost always at edge when writing a resume for the first time. Preparation makes for a huge part of the success of an entry level resume. When you ask around for advice and look through different samples, you get a good inkling of what is required by employers at this level. At this […]

You might feel that writing a cover letter is no big deal but do you know that writing one without giving it the thought that it requires can actually spell disaster for you? Unless you intend to hand-deliver your resume to the person who will be interviewing you (and you are sure of who is […]

In today’s competitive job market, it is of utmost importance that candidates come up with stand out cover letters to accompany their resumes. Following steps will help you come up with a stand out entry level janitor cover letter. • First of all, understand the purpose of your cover letter. It exists to get your […]

Times are changing constantly and the job world is becoming more and more competitive. There are many jobs out there but there is equal competition too. It is important to stand-out from the crowd and what better way to do it than through your job application? Cover letters are considered the most important part of […]

There are certain instances where potential janitorial candidates might need to de-emphasize their chronological work history and showcase the acquired skills in the field. The reason may be a job switch or gaps in employment. The solution to this is a functional or skills bases resume. Although a functional resume does enlist one’s work history […]

Every establishment needs the services of maintenance or janitorial staff to ensure the cleanliness of the place. Since customers and visitors largely judge companies by how well they are maintained, it is important to hire the right people especially where janitorial supervisors are concerned. The work of janitors includes cleaning floors by mopping, sweeping, scrubbing […]

Overview Recommendation letters can assist janitors to obtain new jobs. For janitor position, a recommendation letter holds a great importance as it provides employers with information regarding a janitor’s reliability and capability of carrying out cleaning and related tasks appropriately. This letter also contains information regarding a janitor’s ability to handle complex cleaning procedures and […]

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