A cover letter written for an entry level position must never show that you are unconfident about anything. On the contrary, it should be able to highlight you as someone who may not possess experience but is still not afraid of what is to come. Showing that you are confident even though you must be […]

The phrase “entry level” can be quite discouraging for us especially when we are hoping to secure our very first job in human resources field. However, there is no need to be discouraged by this. Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are applying for an entry level job, you are beginning something extraordinary! […]

  Staffing consultant resumes are certainly not old hat. They are very much “in” and they make a great contribution to the job application set. There is no way that you can give up writing a resume and carry the entire load of an employment marketing presentation without it. Resumes are here to stay, that […]

Employment is a great tug of war between the past and the future. The comparison between what you have done in the past, and what you can do in the future is quite stark. What you have done in the past says a lot about what you can do in the future. If you are […]

Experience, skills set and education do not make up the entire resume for hr specialist position. What are we forgetting? The achievements section. It is true that employers are highly interested in what you can do due to the skills that you possess, and how much work experience you have. But they are also extremely […]

Resume summaries are quite underrated. People often opt not to write them which is a grave mistake. Opening a resume with blocked information is not such a great idea. There has to be an introduction. And the summary takes care of introducing you to an employer whom you have never met, making the hiring process […]

Guidelines Job hopping can be quite a “resume problem”. Job seekers do not realize that they are in no way impressing the hiring manager by mentioning all the 50 jobs that they have held over the last 5 years – in fact, they are telling the employer that they cannot hold down a job for […]