In your cover letter for a patient advocate resume, you need to paint a picture that will make you look like someone that the hiring manager had been waiting for all his life – well, professionally that is! There are 5 hallmarks that define standout cover letters: • Strong personalization • High energy • Relevant […]

Overview Bad resumes are like rolling stones. They gather no moss – read that as interviews. An interview is the most important stage in the job application process but in order to reach it, you have to step on the first stepping stone – the resume. This particular stage is where the whole job application […]

Working as a hospice aide can sometimes be depressing as you have to look after the terminally ill. However, it is quite fulfilling on another level – making patients’ last few years or months easy for them by providing them with physical comfort and emotional support is rewarding. Hospice aides may work in people’s homes […]

Guidelines Cover letters tell amazing stories. Stories about an individual’s past experiences, how well he did in previous jobs and how much he learnt. These stories can prove to be quite interesting for people who are in the position to decide if you will be given a job. So instead of making cover letters boring, […]

The whole thing about resumes being “detailed” is oh so passé! And that is because people often mistake the word “detail” for “too much information”. While resumes do need to be detailed, ones that have too much information in them are a complete turnoff. Hiring managers seldom have time to read a lot of information […]

Position Overview Mental health illnesses are extremely difficult to manage, especially in these days of high stress. It does not take just one person to handle a patient who is suffering from a mental illness. Apart from mental health care providers, there are other people who are invaluable when it comes to delivery of mental […]

Paying close attention to your choice of words leads to employers picking up your resume from the pool – because it will shine. Since most employers search for resumes using keyword search programs, word choice matters. And it matters even more so if your resume mirrors the words that the employer has provided in the […]

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