Cardiac sonography is a technical field and even if you are certified and skilled in it, you need a killer resume to beat the present day job market competition. Although the resume format and layout you select also matter a lot but the content is most crucial when it comes to resume writing. We have […]

You are probably well aware that a cover letter is your means of introduction to the employer and it is a golden opportunity to convince them to consider your enclosed resume for the cardio-sonography position. What most candidates do not understand is that the time to create the desired impression on the reader is very […]

To build an interview-winning resume for unit secretary position, follow the guidelines given below: Impressive Layout: The font size should be visible and clear. Ideally it must not be less than 12. Vivid font styles like Times New Roman or Arial must be preferred Exhibit your accomplishments and skills: Other than mentioning your job responsibilities, […]

Resignation letters are sometimes difficult to write but they need to be written nonetheless. If you are thinking of leaving your job, you will have to provide a leaving notice – a resignation letter will serve as a notice and will also provide your employer with information on why you intend to leave. A Healthcare […]

Describe the common duties of a physician assistant? Typical duties of a physical assistant include: taking medical histories, conducting physical examinations, diagnosing illnesses, conducting tests and x- rays, developing treatment plans and counseling the patients regarding preventive care. What is the meaning of dependent practitioner? A practitioner who works under the supervision of someone is a […]

An interview is a door into the professional world and it needs to be taken seriously. Many people appear in interviews with any kind of preparation which is not the right way to handle it. We need to understand the job description of the Physician Assistant and then research employer thoroughly before the interview date. […]

As a vital part of a hospital, patient relations representatives create a bridge between hospitals and patients / families. Their work requires them to keep patients’ rights in mind and they act as patient advocates. As part of their work, patient relations representatives answer patients’ questions and explain the hospital’s policies and procedures to them. […]

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