Composing thoughtful responses to interview questions is imperative to your success in gaining employment. Most questions of patient access representative interview are based on: • Qualifications – These are often straightforward questions about your experience, background and personal traits. These are the easiest to answer as you know yourself the best and can easily articulate […]

When you use a basic version of your resume to create a new resume, do not forget to change the objective statement in each one. Each resume for surgical technologist (particularly for entry level and career changers) needs to have an objective specifically written for prospective employer. Surgical technologist objectives are unique statements that give […]

High achiever, quick adapter, relationship-builder and determined worker are all common skills of a surgical technologist. However, merely stating that you are a high achiever or a determined worker may not cut it for a hiring manager, who is looking for details on how you achieved something and what makes you so determined. This information […]

Surgical technologists work alongside surgeons to provide them with logistical support before, during and after surgeries. These are trained individuals who have in-depth knowledge of surgical equipment, instruments and supplies, and how and when they need to be utilized. As a surgical technologist, you have to possess an associate’s degree in surgical technology at the […]

Measurable accomplishments and key responsibilities are not all what surgical tech resumes are made of. There are other aspects of a resume that one has to look into. The objective/summary, the skills section and information of education is equally important. However, how all this needs to be placed within a resume need to be figured […]

In a cover letter for surgical tech resume, portray yourself as an individual who is eager to contribute to prospective company in an immediate fashion with little or no training costs as no one wants to spend money on training if they don’t have to! Make use of technology to help you come up with […]

Putting your best face forward is what you need to do when you write your resume for patient advocate position. The world is mobilizing and the need to make an impression in a world that is fast moving away from you is of the greatest importance. Running after it is made easy if you do […]

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