If you are applying for a sensitive and demanding position such as that of a case manager, you will need to pay special attention to the cover letter that you write. This is especially true in the event of you not having any prior experience in case management. Your focus should be on highlighting your […]

The more sensitive your work surroundings are, the more targeted an interview will be! So if you are due to appear for a radiology technician’s interview, brace yourself for the questions that may be thrown at you to gauge how well you conduct yourself in a hospital or diagnostics laboratory environment. Most questions that you […]

The term doctor is usually used as a wide expression to explain an individual with a medical background. Doctors can be classified into many further specializations such as cardiologists, pulmonologists, dermatologists and many more. However, the term “doctor” is usually used to describe a physician who has a background in medicine but is not necessarily […]

Research and practice are two things that we need to take very seriously when preparing for an interview. Interviews are nerve wracking experiences especially for people who are career oriented and are passionate about a particular job. If you can research effectively – this means that you need to find out not only about what […]

Mental Health Technician Resume Tips • Be highly selective about the skills you include in your resume. Remember, this is a short one or two pager resume. You cannot possibly cram in all your qualifications. Stick to the relevant ones instead. • Build your resume strategically. Understand the firm you are applying at, gauge their […]

Writing a resume that generates results does not mean that you need to follow set resume patterns and resume writing rules. Since every resume is a unique marketing tool, it needs to be written in a different manner. With just a little effort, you can create a resume that makes you stand out from the […]

Mental Health Worker Letters are not paragraph-forms of resumes – as many people tend to believe. They are used to complement resumes and not repeat the information of resumes. Apart from providing limited information of your experience and accomplishments, cover letters should show three things – interest, curiosity and personality. Employers generally like to know […]

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