A surgical coordinator resume is much more than an ordinary document. It tells a prospective employer that the candidate is the best choice for surgical coordinator job. It shows that the job seeker is an individual without whom a company cannot function optimally. This is necessary showing off. Successfully showing the employer that you are […]

Position Overview Surgical coordinators spend a lot of their time on the telephone, hashing out the details of each surgery procedure that they are responsible for. But their work is certainly not limited to the telephone. They also spend a lot of time in surgical units or rooms where they make sure that appropriate arrangements […]

Perhaps the most underrated section in a surgical coordinator resume is the one that is headed skills. While many people tend to play close attention to this area, many also fail to make it a strong point in their resumes. Focusing on experience and education alone will not get you the job. All employers need […]

Appearing for an interview soon? Lost? Afraid? Do not be. We have tons of usable advice for you so that you are confident when you appear for an interview. For starters, interviews are no dragons and should certainly not be feared. They should be met face to face and conquered. And how do we propose […]

A patient services coordinator basically creates a liaison between patients and the medical facility that he or she represents. It is their main responsibility to provide excellent patient services by ensuring that all telephone calls for information and services are serviced, and help patients by answering their questions and dealing with their concerns. In some […]

Have you been asked to write a reference letter for an ex-employee recently? Are you clueless about how to write one? Well for starters, you should be happy that you have been asked to write one. Why? Because unless you are respected highly, you will probably not be asked to write one. The fact that […]

Your resume writing efforts are what will take you to great heights during your job hunting endeavors. You cannot hide from the fact that well-written resumes for clinical assistant position are great treats for hiring managers who see mundane ones every day. Giving them something a “little extra” is imperative if you want to get […]