Market-ready cover letters are the only ones that make an impact. Write one that is of the “blurring” quality and you risk losing out to other candidates who have been progressive in their thought processes. When you visualize your reader and write especially for him, you end up writing the type of letter that will […]

There is a lot that you can get away with where resume writing is concerned. However, there are some mistakes that are unforgivable. Certain buzzwords that you deem perfect to describe yourself, may actually be hindering your chances at landing a job. Some employers are of the opinion that describing yourself as “hardworking” is the […]

Overview There is little – nothing actually – that you can do once you have written a cover letter and sent it off to guard the reputation of your resume. And if you now remember that what you have written might have been a wee bit too intense, or not intense enough, well, it is […]

Position Overview As an integral part of the healthcare team, surgical technologists work in a support role. They assist surgeons and physicians during examination and surgical procedures. As individuals who fulfil the primary first scrub role, they are responsible for setting up surgical instruments and equipment / machines and ensure that all medications that will […]

Guidelines Job market is a place where hiring and application trends constantly evolve. Therefore, an ideal resume for nursing unit clerk position needs to be revamped from time to time in order to keep up with modern resume writing trends. As an aspiring candidate, you should be ever ready to apply for an opportunity when […]

Are you seeking an edge over your competitors in your job hunting campaign? If yes, you need an excellent cover letter to supplement your resume and customize your pitch. A cover letter for a nursing unit clerk resume is a unique opportunity to communicate your personality to the prospective employers. It must be used to […]

Introduce yourself? I am a compassionate, helpful and systematic certified Health Unit Coordinator and have served in 3 different hospitals in similar role over the past 7 years. I possess a strong team play spirit and am also fully well versed in applicable HIPPA guidelines. What are your three strengths that have helped you in […]

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