Resume writing for childcare worker position is as easy as A.B.C! But you have to know the basics, and some facts about how a resume is perceived by a hiring manager. A child care worker resume that is considered “high quality” is one which has more than just basic information and facts. And following […]

If your resume is to be one of the resumes chosen by the hiring manager for an interview call, you have to be very careful in writing it. One of the tricks you can use is the utilization of keywords. When a hiring manager writes out a job advertisement, he thinks very carefully about which […]

Some people have a charisma that they use when appearing for an interview. Do you? Even if your answer is no, it is alright. It is not always important to have a plan for when you appear for an interview. Preparation is sufficient – preparation should be your mantra. Child Care Aide Interviews are harrowing […]

The excess of job seekers in child care arena has created competition which directly impacts your success. And it will remain this way for years to come. You must never forget the resume-job interview connection. When writing a resume, this is important to keep in mind so that you know what your target is. To […]

Old way to make your resume – write what you’ve done. Full stop. New way to make your resume – write what you’ve done, but concentrate on how you’re going to fit to the prospective organization. And here, focus on keywords. These are words that were in the advertisement, words that the hiring manager spent […]

A resume is all-important when applying to a new job – but to those of you who don’t believe in writing cover letters – watch out! A cover letter is important too. Let’s just see why: One – first and foremost, a cover letter will let the hiring manager know what skills you have. A […]

Everyone, as an individual, has a certain set of skills that no one else has. That is to say, others might have the same skills, but no one has them in the same combination that each individual does. The problem is, when he or she applies to a job, the hiring manager has no idea […]