Purchasing Agent Resume writing can be a time taking and tiresome task but the effort usually pays off. Here are some guiding principles in this regard followed by a Purchasing Agent resume sample. Summary: Performance summary forms the topmost section of your resume following the contact details. Make sure that it is wholesome and covers […]

A purchasing agent cover letter provides the candidates with first and probably the only chance of introducing their qualifications to a future employer. A good cover letter catches the reader’s eye and simply communicates the relevant qualifications of the candidate. Here are some essential Dos for every cover letter: • Specify who you are and […]

Need a cover letter to accompany your resume for a buying job? Don’t know how and where to start from? Worried about creating a winning cover letter? Welcome aboard! We offer help! Writing an effective cover letter for buyer job is a sensitive task which requires a lot of time and energy. General, all purpose […]

The core responsibility of a merchandiser is to plan and develop a strategy that will enable a company to purchase its products or services in efficient and cost effective manner. They analyze sales information and negotiate prices with suppliers in order to get their work done properly. If you feel that you are the right […]

Overview Retail merchandisers assist buying teams with deciding the quantity of items that need to be bought within a retail environment. This position requires an individual to possess some knowledge of the business world and a business degree is usually a pre-requisite to this job. The following is a resume sample of a Retail Merchandiser that will […]

Retail merchandisers work in retail stores where their main responsibility is to assist the buying team with purchasing products for the store. They decide the quantity of the items in accordance to budgets and do any bargaining that needs to be done. Here is a sample of a cover letter for this position that shows […]

A buyer is a person working for a company who buys all the things that the company sells. If you want to be a buyer, you will have to first review all the old merchandise, and then see what you should continue buying and what you should change. You will have to negotiate prices and […]

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