Buying or purchasing coordinators as they are more often known as, perform a variety of purchasing duties for the companies that they represent. This may include identifying the companies’ buying needs, preparing requests for proposals and choosing and contacting vendors to manage buying activities. Depending on the type of organization that they are working for, […]

Interviews do not always go the way we want them to. Nervousness and lack of preparation can spoil our chances of employment even when we are well qualified for a job. But it does not have to be this way. Interviews are designed to rattle candidates; this information is no secret. So if you know […]

Purchasing agents work for companies that have high needs for material procurement. They administer bidding processes, evaluate bids and recommend vendors. They actually earn money for shopping for a company! This means that they are deeply involved in evaluating the availability of materials, handling price information and ensuring that the right quality is obtained. On […]

Purchasing Agent Resume writing can be a time taking and tiresome task but the effort usually pays off. Here are some guiding principles in this regard followed by a Purchasing Agent resume sample. Summary: Performance summary forms the topmost section of your resume following the contact details. Make sure that it is wholesome and covers […]

A purchasing agent cover letter provides the candidates with first and probably the only chance of introducing their qualifications to a future employer. A good cover letter catches the reader’s eye and simply communicates the relevant qualifications of the candidate. Here are some essential Dos for every cover letter: • Specify who you are and […]

Need a cover letter to accompany your resume for a buying job? Don’t know how and where to start from? Worried about creating a winning cover letter? Welcome aboard! We offer help! Writing an effective cover letter for buyer job is a sensitive task which requires a lot of time and energy. General, all purpose […]

The core responsibility of a merchandiser is to plan and develop a strategy that will enable a company to purchase its products or services in efficient and cost effective manner. They analyze sales information and negotiate prices with suppliers in order to get their work done properly. If you feel that you are the right […]

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