Whether you will be chosen to work as an assistant buyer for an organization or not, depends on how well you perform at the interview. Do not let all the effort that you have put into getting to this stage go to waste by thinking of the interview stage as a piece of cake. It […]

Where resumes are concerned, you can never give them enough thought. It does not matter how much information you have placed in other sections of your resume – of the resume objective is missing, you may be looking at a missed opportunity. This is not to say that resumes without objectives are not worth anything […]

You are important to an employer because of the skills and abilities that you have. Without your skills, you cannot provide any benefit to an employer who wants his work done and he wants it done now! So the first thing that you have to look out for is how to place your skills in […]

Position Overview Assistant buyers provide support to buyers by assisting them in developing product assortments and planning and placing orders. They accompany buyers to trade shows and fairs and provide them with valuable input regarding markets and trends. The work of an assistant buyer is quite extensive as he or she needs to maintain and […]

  Even if you have recently prepared and sent your resume off to apply for assistant buyer job, pay it another visit. This time around, you may need to change a few things as you are technically applying for a different job. Yes, you must make changes to your resume depending on what the organization […]

Possessing experience is one thing – putting it on paper is another! Writing a cover letter to exhibit your specific experience in a certain field is an art. The good news is that cover letters are not entirely about experience. Mostly, employers want to see how qualified you are for a job when they pick […]

It is never a simple task to write a merchandiser resume that will immediately bring results. The ones that do, are written with a lot of effort and following days of research at times. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can write a resume in an hour and it will be considered the […]

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