Any business’s key need is business generation. Without someone dedicated to do this job, a business does not have many chances to survive let alone thrive. Millions of dollars are spent each year for training personnel for business development activities; this may include training for marketing personnel and communications as well. While the marketing and […]

Job Overview Business intelligence (BI) professionals are responsible for creating and implementing business intelligence databases and applications. They work with tables and tuning software and are required to diagnose and repair user performance issues. BI personnel need to possess strong coding and troubleshooting skills along with excellent debugging skills as this is the core of […]

Business associates are responsible for managing an office’s daily operations in terms of identifying marketing and sales opportunities apart from managing other office related administrative tasks. The major challenge for every candidate for business associate position is writing an interview winning resume. The following sample is a good resource for someone to base their resume […]

Business office assistants work to manage the general tasks within an office. They may be required to maintain files or assist the manager with accounts depending on their individual work setting. The following resume is a fully customizable sample that you can use if you are planning to work at this position. Business Office Assistant […]

Business office assistants work in an office to ensure that everything is running smoothly. From greeting visitors to performing filing duties, they are required to do everything. If you are looking for a position in this regard, the following cover letter sample will help you write your very own one! Sample Cover Letter for Business […]

Business intelligence analysts work within huge conglomerates and their prime job is to identify and manage new business opportunities by employing a variety of tools. When writing your resume for Business Intelligence Analyst position, draw attention towards your relevant skills and relevant experience. The following resume shows us how someone seeking this position will write […]

Business Intelligence Analysts are required to provide companies with accurate analysis on business trends and strategies to improve sales. This job requires an individual to possess some experience in this type of work as market information is of the essence here. The following cover letter sample will provide you with information on what to write […]

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