Position Overview A customer service coordinator’s job is a little more detailed and profound than that of a customer service agent. The former performs the same duties as the latter, with a pretty long list of added responsibilities. The main responsibility of a customer service coordinator is to create and maintain an effective liaison between […]

The mere thought of public speaking can put many of us into premature stage fright! Imagine standing in front of a dozen or more people and giving a presentation. It is a nightmare for some of us, especially if we haven’t done it before. But even for people who have had considerable public speaking experience, […]

Position Overview Content writers are professional who write compelling content on different topics. While most content writers write for web based applications like websites and blogs, they might take up a number of varying projects. While writing for content for the internet, they may manage discussion boards and blogs. Content writers also write and edit […]

Employers look for employees who are honest, dependable and hardworking. On the other hand, they also want to know about the weaknesses of an individual. This means that – in your next interview – if you are asked if you have any weaknesses, do not say no because you might be rejected as no human […]

Overview Most people are ready to pull their hair out (or another’s eyes!) at the thought of writing a resume. It is a scary thought especially if you are not confident of your writing skills or applying for a first job. Despite so much information being made available for resume writing, some people find it […]

Lifeguards hold an important role whether they are working on a beach or at the poolside. They are live savers – literally! They are employed by spas and clubs as well as contractors on the beach to look out for the security of the swimmers in the area and to educate them about safety issues […]

With the passage of time, the trends in resume writing are changing too. Using predefined resume templates may be an easy way of writing your resume, but they do not go down very well with employers nowadays. Resume templates are the story of the past; employers prefer that a candidate drafts his or her own resume […]