Writing your professional CV or biography as an administrative assistant is no small feat – it is as challenging as well, anything! But unless you do put it out there, how would a prospective employer know anything about you? Or that you even exist on planet Earth? Do it – but make it short […]

Guidelines Professional resume writers have just one piece of advice for people who want their resumes to make a positive first impression. Stay as close as possible to the job description that a hiring manager has provided in an advertisement. In the years of 2017 and 2018, keep the style and format of your administrative […]

Summaries on resumes are like cherries on cakes! They look pretty and they serve an important purpose. Most summaries are basic outlines of one’s abilities to do the job properly. A skills summary is a little more profound. Usually, the formula of writing a skills summary is based on how many jobs you have done […]

A cover letter for admin clerk position tells a hiring manager more than just what you have done in the past – it tells him how well-suited you are for the job for which you have applied now. With a cover letter in hand, an employer is able to look far into your employment future, […]

  Interviews are hard to ace – but only because one is not prepared. Preparation is a key to success. Going in unprepared for an interview and then complaining that it was designed to fail you is hardly fair. Yes, interviews are designed to take the mickey out of you but they are hardly malicious. […]

Expect ordinary results if you write an ordinary resume for administrative assistant position. Resumes must always be special as they may bring a new job for you – a job that you will probably hold for a long time in future. In fact, resume writing as an experienced professional is not as easy as perceived. […]

Organized companies make it a point to send job offer letters to new employees in a bid to seal the deal. While many organizations deem it alright to verbally inform a new employee when they need to join, it is best to give them an offer letter, making the process more professional. A job offer […]