There are a number of ways to gauge a resume. And believe it or not, hiring managers use all of them at times to decide if you are worth their time or not. One of the first things that hiring managers see when they pick up a resume is the objective, sitting right at the […]

How far would you go to create the perfect resume for senior administrative assistant position? You should put in a lot of effort when creating a resume so that the end result is absolute perfection. Perfection is what you should be aiming for because perfection is what employers look for in a resume. While you […]

Writing a cover letter for admin assistant resume is extremely important. Without one, it is impossible for a hiring manager to gauge your personality and professional prowess, making you come across as someone that the organization can do without. When you make your cover letter so interesting that a hiring manager feels that his company […]

Position Overview An admin assistant is an individual on whom an entire organization depends for operational, clerical and administrative support. He or she is hired primarily to support senior managers and executive with daily tasks – scheduling meetings, planning travel itineraries and correspondence management is all part of the work of a senior administrative assistant. […]

A summary statement on senior administrative assistant resume does exactly what it states – summarizes the resume. Usually, a resume summary does not go beyond 4 or 5 sentences, but if you feel that you have a lot to say to make your summary profound, there is really no problem in it. However, your resume […]

You know that you are a skilled individual but a prospective employer will not have this information. How do you get this important piece of information across to him? The resume. This particular document can contain a mine of information regarding your skills, making you such a great consideration that a hiring manager cannot refuse […]

Your cover letter and resume are great avenues for getting your point across. However, it is the interview stage that matters the most. Once you have reached this stage, it is all the more important to make a positive impression on the person who may be your next manager. But interviews are never designed to […]