Resume writing becomes a tricky task these days. It requires a lot of effort and expertise to build a customized resume. In order to succeed, it is important to tailor your resume according to requirements of every prospective company. To do this, you should consider yourself in place of the employer. While hiring an administration […]

A cover letter for Administrative Manager Position is required to reflect your personality and highlight your relevant competencies. However never forget that the main purpose here is to sell yourself. It might sound odd, but that’s exactly why cover letters exist. They serve as a tool to market your potential, encouraging the employer to consider […]

Job Overview Responsible for the overall strategy and planning of an organization, an admin officer holds an important position in an organization. An admin officer reports to the CEO while all other departments such as human resources and marketing may have to report to an admin officer, at least partially. The work of an admin […]

Office Administrator Job Scope Office administrators work in a supervisory role within an organization. They ensure that the office staff is working towards facilitating office operations. They may work in a variety of industries, businesses and academic settings. As part of their daily work duties, office administrators oversee the work of secretaries, assistants and clerks. […]

An impressive resume is, no doubt, a must to have while hunting for a job; however, if it is not accompanied by a really persuading cover letter, the resume alone cannot get a candidate noticed in the job market. The post of a School Administrator is a very important and challenging one, therefore the cover […]

Job hunt is getting difficult day by day and hundreds of candidates apply for a single position; this poses a big challenge for a genuine, deserving candidate. But fear not, we have a solution for you. You can always ask professionals like us to make your resume stand out of the lot! School Administration is […]

An interview for an Admin Clerk opening is an opportunity for the hiring committee to get to know about a prospective candidate and to find how a specific candidate might be a good fit for the Admin Clerk position. Admin Clerk Interview Tips As a prospective candidate, you should remember the following points: ➜ Start […]

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