Guidelines A resume is an essential that cannot be skipped by any aspiring candidate, no matter what the case may be. Having said this, one definitely needs to come up with an interactive resume that not only highlights their most wanted competencies but also speaks directly to the employers’ needs. While candidates generally have ample […]

Overview Employers no longer place much stock in cover letters and do not invest much time in reading these. Keeping in view the saturation of qualified candidates in today’s job market, your goal must be to submit a cover letter with a lot of ‘wow’ factor, banking upon your most valuable and intriguing skills and […]

When we appear for interviews, all our senses are in overdrive! And being in this state of mind makes it difficult for us to be confident. But since confident is what we need the most at this point, let’s think of ways to make sure that our minds remain healthily active during the interview process. […]

What is wrong with the following resume objective? To work for an organization that will provide me with an opportunity to apply my diverse skills in a highly stimulating environment. Everything is wrong with this resume objective! These 21 words are long-winded and say absolutely nothing worthwhile. Do you see even a single section that […]

Position Overview A school can only be run properly if it is in the hands of a good administrator. These individuals are responsible for ensuring that both office and academic operations of a school are handled efficiently. As a school administrator, one has to be extremely well-versed in handling staff members, teachers and students so […]

So you regurgitated your resume and are ready to pass it off as a cover letter? Wait! You cannot do that. That is a blunder! Hiring managers do not want to read the same things twice. It is difficult enough reading one resume which holds so much information. Your cover letter needs to be completely […]

Looking good at first light is important if you want to immediately position yourself as a valuable candidate. First impressions are hard to change which is why cover letter writing experts insist that you create compelling communications in the first go. Show yourself to be alert and attentive by making sure that no grammatical mistakes […]

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