Guidelines You will be surprised at how much importance an administrative officer cover letter will get when it reaches the hiring manager’s table. As opposed to the resume (which usually just receives a cursory glance), the cover letter is actually given a lot of thought. By reading an applicant’s cover letter, a hiring manager can […]

Your resume writing endeavors will always be successful if you put in the required effort. Resumes are not simply short blurbs of your professional existence. They are also about how well you let the reader take a peek into you as a human being. While this is usually considered the job of a cover letter, […]

Position Overview In different types of organizations, the work of administrative officers differ. This means that they may be entrusted with dozens of duties spanning many departments within one company, or may be required to handle ones related to just one department. The type of work that they have to do particularly depends on their […]

Overview The verdict is that you just cannot do without writing an objective on your resume for administrative officer position. Not intending to get into an argument to decide which is better – a resume objective or a summary statement – the resume objective wins hands down. Why? Simply because it is uncomplicated and hiring […]

Administrative skills are a force to reckon with. Imagine having to work in an administrative position and not being skilled enough to carry the burden of the weight entrusted to you? It will spell disaster for all parties involved and end up in you being asked to leave your job. That won’t do, will it? […]

All the hard work and effort that you put into writing a resume and cover letter were means to an end – the interview stage. And if your efforts have led you this far, it is time to put in even more effort to make sure that you pass this stage as well. Interviews are […]

Guidelines A resume is an essential that cannot be skipped by any aspiring candidate, no matter what the case may be. Having said this, one definitely needs to come up with an interactive resume that not only highlights their most wanted competencies but also speaks directly to the employers’ needs. While candidates generally have ample […]

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