The position of an account specialist is often confused with that of an accounts specialist. They may sound similar but they cannot be more different. While an account specialist deals solely with customer accounts in order to meet a particular sales objective, accounts specialists are professionals who are savvy with the accounting procedures of a company. […]

Composing a resume for the post of Key Account Manager is a relatively sensitive task as compared to other, non sales positions. This position is especially crucial since it acts as a liaison between the firm and its customers. A resume for a Key Account Manager must therefore speak of the candidate’s interpersonal skills and […]

A cover letter accompanying your resume for the position of a Key Account Manager should not only speak of your experience in the field that is relevant to the job descriptions, but it should also showcase your selling skills. The purpose of this position is basically to maintain a good rapport among the company and […]

A job description is a very crucial document, there is a lot more to it than just serving as a tool for recruitment. Job descriptions not only set the mark for expected employee performance, but might also occasionally serve as basis of contract between employee and employer. It is therefore very important to compose concise […]

Account managers are hired by many large companies and conglomerates. Regardless of the type of industry, the prime reason for people to be hired at this position is to manage the company’s clients’ accounts and to keep them well-serviced and happy. People who apply for this position must make sure that their application credentials are […]

Account executives assist the marketing department by providing that important link between advertising agencies and the customers. This is actually a sales oriented job and requires the dissemination of administrative activities. Account executives met with customers to determine their advertising needs and then assist in formulating plans according to those needs. They create campaigns and […]

Account executives are prevalent across many industries but are more popular in the marketing sector. These individuals are expected to assist the marketing department by meeting with clients to determine their advertising needs and communicating the same to the marketing head. They also assist in devising campaigns by keeping budgets in check and also present […]

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