Position Overview Account coordinators liaise between the sales and marketing teams of the company and the client. They coordinate activities and action plans. An account coordinator is a kind of problem solver as well, making sure that communication between client and team is well done so that problems do not arise, and troubleshooting if they […]

An objective statement for an account manager resume is usually employer’s first impression of you. The objective section is the most important section of the resume and must be tailored cleverly to suit the demands of the target position. Before writing an objective statement, shortlist your skills and select two or three core competencies to […]

Employment recommendations are important documents as they assist ex-employees of a company in obtaining subsequent jobs. If you have been asked to write a recommendation letter for an account assistant, you must look into a few things first. Are you in a position to write a recommendation letter? Has the account assistant worked well enough […]

Falling under the broader category of client services, account executives work in many industries including financial advertising and retail. They work closely with marketing and sales teams and create a link between clients and the company. Account executives prospect clients in a bid to build sales. They meet with existing and new clients and confer […]

Most interviews are designed to determine candidates’ ability to work in the position that they have applied for. This means that many questions in an interview are aimed at determining a candidate’s personal attributes while others are targeted at job knowledge. One has to make sure that one aces both types of questions to be […]

Whether or not to include an objective statement in an account specialist resume these days is a big debate. While most modern employers like to see a summary instead of an objective on top of resumes they receive, many experts still recommend topping your resume with an objective. The final decision of adding an objective […]

Modern resumes are very different than what used to be called ideal resumes not more than a year ago. The classic objective statement has now been replaced by the progressive performance summary, achievements have taken place of responsibilities and the whole resume format has undergone major changes to cater for the needs of modern job […]

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