Employers look for many things when scrutinizing a resume and interviewing a candidate. They look for qualification, education and the skills that make an individual work well within an organization. While education and qualifications are important, teamwork play an important part in making a candidate successful in a work place. There are many types of […]

Job Description The primary task of a host or hostess in any kind of setting is to create a welcoming and warm surroundings for guests as they enter the premise such as restaurant or bar. They areĀ responsible forĀ greeting patrons and guests, seating them on a suitable table as well as supporting the food servers and […]

The skills section of a plumber resume enable you mention your particular training and education in plumbing or outline personality traits that would be beneficial for a prospective employer. This section can also be labeled as Strengths or Capabilities. When making skills section of a plumber resume, review your experience and training for appropriate skills. […]

Retail environments are abuzz with so much going on and so many people making it all happen. Needless to say, retail environments are busy! This is especially true for the grocery section of retail stores where lots of people come to shop every day. Owing to this fact, it is important for grocery stores to […]