Position Overview

Cashiers take payments from customers in exchange of goods or services while providing them with exemplary customer service. They greet customers as they arrive, provide them with information regarding products and direct them to the right department. They scan merchandise and accept cash and credit card payments.

Cashiers are also responsible for processing refunds and exchanges while managing the cash drawer. At the end of each shift, they tally funds and ensure that everything is in order. Cashiers sometimes work as an customer service representative alternatively and are expected to provide customers with a positive shopping experience. When you apply for this position, you must make sure that you can handle difficult customers as well as a complex cash register or adding machine.

For a better understanding of what this position entails, refer to the detailed duties of a cashier below. These phrases can be utilized when building a resume for cashier position.

Sample Job Description for a Cashier’s Resume

• Greet customers as they arrive in the store and provide them with information regarding products and/or services

• Respond to customers’ complaints and take necessary actions resolve their issues

• Take payment in exchange of items sold

• Bag, box and wrap purchased items

• Identify prices of goods using memory or scanner

• Enter transactions in the cash register and provide customers with the total bill

• Sort and count currency and coins

• Issue receipts and change to customers

• Count money at the beginning and ending of each shift

• Process exchanges and refunds

• Ensure that all checkout counters have enough cash

• Process credit card and check payments

• Weigh items and determine prices of the same

• Issue trading stamps and gift cards

• Perform the duties of customer service representative when required

• Maintain periodic sales reports and spreadsheets

• Assist in stocking shelves, rotating merchandise and marking prices

• Ensure management of daily cash accounts

• Create periodic transaction reports

• Ensure maintenance of checkout areas

• Resolve customer complaints in a proactive manner

• Open and close tills

• Train other staff members to work as cashier

• Maintain knowledge of store inventory and sales activities

• Keep the work area tidy and clean