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Animal Caretaker Job Description

Animal caretakers work in wildlife, veterinary hospitals, shelters and private organizations. Their duties involve animal preservation, hygiene and educate the people regarding animals.

The following resume along with this cover letter for animal Caretaker will help you starting a success career in this field.


Animal Caretaker Resume Sample


Kimberly Campbell

77 Cardinal Drive – Stilwell, OK 32265
Contact #, Email

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as an Animal Caretaker with Patterson Animal Hospital where I can use my natural love for animals to look after their well being.


• Two years of experience working as an Animal Caretaker for Pets & Vets
• Highly experienced in performing custodial and technical work related to animal care
• Proficient in providing technical assistance to veterinary staff as and when needed
• In depth knowledge of federal regulations for animal care and their application
• Good understanding of animal behavior and related problems
• Able to follow safety precautions while dealing with wild animals


• Active part of the team of animal care workers who saved 52 stray animals otherwise destined for the pound
• Identified a dolphin stranded on the Bow Beach and restored it by promptly calling in rescue teams and assisting them with the procedure on voluntary basis


Animal Caretaker | Pets & Vets- Stilwell, OK | May 2010 – Present

• Assist wardens with capturing stray animals
• Maintain animal shelters
• Feed and water animals and clean kennels
• Tag animals on arrival and segregate according to species and type
• Carry out euthanasia procedures when necessary
• Observe animals for illnesses and provide medical assistance
• Maintain lab and related supplies


GED | City School, Stilwell, OK