A cover letter for Direct Care Worker Resume must demonstrate the personality and skills of a candidate in front of the employer in a way that the employer decide to interview the candidate immediately. Most people believe that using flowery language in a cover letter will get this done but there is nothing worse that you can do; a cover letter for direct care worker need to be written in a professional manner as that is what an employer looks for – professionalism!

The following example will let you how to write a cover letter for Direct Care Worker job.


Direct Care Worker Cover Letter Example


12 NW 39th Street
Oklahoma, OK 22222

March 12, 2015

Ms. Krista Jackson
Hiring Manager
We Care
77 E Xyler Street
Oklahoma, OK 66625


Dear Ms. Jackson:

I saw your listing for a Direct Care Worker position on your website and confident that I am well qualified to hold this post. I’m presently working as a Direct Care Worker for The San in Denver and interested in switching jobs since I will be moving to Oklahoma next month.

Since I have had considerable experience in providing care services to people with illnesses or disabilities, I believe that I can perfectly perform the necessary tasks of this job. My experience in providing round the clock assistance to clients in ADLs, daily house chores, personal hygiene, transportation and doctors’ visits is vast and I strive to add to this experience continuously. I am aware of the fact that besides physical assistance, clients should be treated on an emotional and psychological level to be able to truly make a difference in their lives – I am committed to create just such an environment for them.

I am very excited at the prospect of meeting with you personally to discuss how my skills and experience would be beneficial to your company. I will call you early next month to plan a meeting and will be available on my cellular phone at 888.333.4444 if you wish to speak to me before that.

Thank you for your time and considering this job application.



Ben Hubscap

Enc. Resume