A Home Daycare Provider is accountable for providing a secure and developmentally suitable daycare program for the children at employer’s home. She must work in accordance with all relevant law, policies and procedures.

Following are some duties and responsibilities which might be included effectively in a  Home Daycare Provider Resume.

Home Daycare Provider Job Description

• Perform a variety of activities for children such as songs, games and story telling

• Develop day by day activity plans

• Plan and apply activities to meet the emotional, bodily, intellectual and social needs of the children in the employer’s home

• Establish routines and offer constructive guidance

• Ensure kids are supervised at all times

• Prepare and dish up healthful meals and snacks

• Set up policies and procedures regarding disciplinary policies

• Provide passable equipment and activities to kids

• Ensure equipment and the room are clean, well maintained and secure at all times

• Provide opportunities for sleep and rest time

• Build children’s self respect

• Provide daily schedules of activities

• Develop culturally suitable programs and activities

• Develop numerical activities that establish math and literacy concepts

• Provide instant solution in case of emergency

• Keep parents informed of child’s development