Writing a good cover letter for cabin crew resume is a tricky task. When applying for a job as a Cabin Crew, you are marketing your abilities and personal characteristics, in addition to your hospitality and customer service skills and your knowledge of airline industry.

How to Make a Cover Letter for Cabin Crew?

If you want to write an attractive cover letter for cabin crew or flight attendant, keep the following important steps in your mind as you write.

First of all, read the cabin crew or flight attendant job posting cautiously. Observe the exact requirements of the employer and include your relevant skills along with keywords mentioned in job advertisement in the cover letter.

In general, a cabin crew cover letter consists of three paragraphs:

First paragraph: Mention the source of advertisement and your enthusiasm to get the position of cabin crew. Also state in one line that how you are suitable candidate for this position. Include information about your level of education or training (If any) in order to qualify for cabin crew positions.

Second paragraph: Write about your level of experience in a summary fashion by stating the number of years of your practical experience in airline industry. If you don’t have any experience in air line industry, you may mention your hospitality and customer service experience and relate it to employer’s requirements. Also indicate what foreign languages you can speak fluently. This is an important part of information to emphasize if you are applying for a cabin crew position which will require travel abroad.

Be sure to mention your experience in hospitality and customer service in the second paragraph of your cover letter. This is one of the vital qualifications employers seek when hiring cabin crew.

Third and last paragraph: Request for an interview or personal meeting. Also mention that you will follow up by phone after one week. State your contact number and email address also.