Adding a career objective section was an optional issue in the past, but in recent years, it has turned into the most important section of a resume. The most successful and well-written career objective for a Bartender Resume is always targeted for an exact company. Remember to create an individualized touch in your resume and change the job objective per requirements of prospective hotel, motel, resort, inn or any kind of organization where you want to apply.

Do not imagine that any kind or size of career objective will work. If your objective is unclear and nonspecific, you will be appeared an uncertain person who is not capable to make decisions and set goals. Keep away from generic statements such as “a position that will develop my broad skills and allow me to grow.”

Look at the example statements below in order to get a better idea.


Resume Objectives for Student / Entry Level  Bartender with No Experience

• To obtain a position as a bartender at KSL Resorts where strong dedication to the work and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized.

• A bartending position with Fontainebleau Resort using hospitality skills and cocktail knowledge to maximize efficiency and increase client base.

Resume Objectives for Experienced Bartenders

• Seeking a Bartender position with Holiday Inn Oceanside utilizing extensive experience and skills in preparing and serving cocktails, handling cash and performing housekeeping tasks to ensure the hotel’s ongoing success.

• A Bartender position at Marriott New York where experience of bartending, customer focused aptitude and a firm commitment to the workplace safety can be contributed to the victorious and profitable operations of the hotel.

• Seeking a position as a bartender with Hilton Garden Inn Dover where excellent customer service and hospitality skills can be fully utilized to improve the profitability.

• To obtain a Bartender position at the Hilton Hotel. Bringing 5 years’ experience in hospitality industry along with bartending education to attain the maximum level of satisfaction of guests.