Position Overview

Bartenders mix and serve beverages and drinks. They are usually employed by restaurants, hotels, bars, taverns, banquet halls and other hospitality establishments.

Supervisors of bartenders are included in this unit group. They might be known as a Bar Attendant or Bar Steward.

Following are some specific job duties and tasks for bartender which might be use in your resume. Select the statements which contain the required keywords.


Job Description for Bartender Resume

• Take beverage orders from servers or directly from guests or patrons

• Mix ingredients, for instance; soda, sugar, bitters or fruit juice

• Collect cash for beverages or drinks served and record sales

• Maintain record and control of bar stock and arrange supplies

• Mix drinks, water and other components to get ready cocktails and other drinks

• Clean glasses and additional utensils

• Sanitize ice tanks, coolers, and other bar tools

• Serve beverages and food

• Order bar supplies

• Place bottled merchandise and glasses to make a smart display

• Clean bar area and wash glassware

• Replace drink tanks as they are finished

• Serve snacks to patrons seated at the bar

• Slice and pit fruit for garnishing drinks

• Prepare appetizers, for instance; cheese, pickles, and cold meats