In general, an infant caregiver is responsible for managing a small group of infants. They carry out activities that make sure the health, safety, and growth of each baby in the group.

A good resume for the position of Infant Caregiver will increase your chances of being hired. The following resume sample for infant/children caregiver will provide you with the basic idea how to write your own.


Infant Caregiver Resume Sample

Sara Smith

43 Example Lane, Houston TX 98888
(000) 987-7689, s.smith @ email . com

PROFILE: A capable Infant Caregiver with extensive experience in children and infants caregiving, enthusiastic to get the position in a babysitting agency or private home taking advantage of relevant qualifications and infant caregiving skills.

• 3 years of practical experience working with infants
• In-depth knowledge of safety issues regarding infants illnesses
• Excellent time management skills
• Special talent for remaining peaceful in emergency situation
• Known for reading effective stories to the children
• Experience in communicating correctly and effectively with parents
• Demonstrated ability to remain flexible with child routines
• Able to react and move speedily
• Proven record of working with infants of different age groups

2010 – Present
Houston Infant Caregiving, Houston, TX
Infant Caregiver
• Organize room for entrance of children
• Welcome each parent and baby on daily basis
• Meet the affecting needs of every infant: talk with, smile at and love every child
• Satisfy the developmental needs of each baby: read to, play with, and entertain using different ways
• Clean baby room at the end of day
• Complete baby gram for parents each day outlining baby’s care and needs
• Take care of the infants every day physical needs: diapering and feeding
• Plan and execute particular activities for babies
• Give complete attention to children and watch cautiously for safety hazards

High School Diploma, CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS,  Houston, TX – 2008

First aid and current CPR

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