While writing a In Home Daycare Resume, remember that a career in home day care is often very worthwhile, particularly if you feel affection for interacting with children. For your easiness, We have created a sample resume for a Home Daycare provider which will assist making your own.

In Home Daycare Resume Sample

Anna K. Smith
52 Example Street, Houston TX 66666
T: (999) 999-7777, E: [Email Address]

Seeking a position in a Home Daycare where I can utilize my child care skills and abilities.

• More than 2 years of experience in child care
• Outgoing and expert team player
• Possess effectual speaking and listening skills, and with understanding of children are able to converse effectively with all ages.
• Work with others with no trouble and able to accomplish tasks with little or no supervision.
• Excellent interpersonal communication abilities permit for effective interaction with children and adults.
• Experience includes working for well-known day care facility in controlled environments.
• Able to work with medically deprived clients (particularly those with CP and CF).
• Completed child care training and assignments to meet the State of Texas child care requirements.
• Have good computer skills and capacity to teach basic skills.
• Interact effortlessly with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and occupations.
• Survive well with children of all ages from newborns to preschool.
• Work glowing in team environment in addition to individually.

May 2009 – Present
• Plan and execute activities to meet the physical, emotional, academic and social needs of the children in the program
• Make sure equipment and the facility are clean, well maintained and protected at all times
• Provide weekly and monthly to-do list of activities
• Develop culturally suitable programs and activities
• Develop activities that bring in math and literacy concepts
• Set up policies and procedures including suitable corrective policies
• Be recognizable with emergency procedures
• Provide nourishing snacks and lunches
• Provide sufficient equipment and activities

HS Diploma – City High School – 2007

Current First Aid and CPR