Working on a cover letter for Merchandise Assistant Resume can seem like a particularly daunting task but if you know what to write in them, you cannot go wrong. Merchandise Assistant Cover letters are actually self-marketing letters and should be used as such so that they depict a candidate’s more potent abilities and skills.


Merchandise Assistant Cover Letter Sample

999 Hamilton Street
Costa Mesa, CA 77733

July 31, 2012

Cynthia Allen
HR Manager
535 Iowa Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 44423


Dear Ms. Allen:

This is with reference to our telephone conversation regarding the position of a Merchandise Assistant open at Needle point. As we discussed over the phone, I am quite confident that I am the candidate that you are looking for in order to fill this post following my precisions and high experience in carrying out merchandising tasks.

Presently working for Threads Galore, I have gained considerable experience in merchandising activities including placing and tracking orders and shipments, ensuring that all products received are in a timely manner and fault free, providing reporting services on regular and ad hoc basis along with arranging transport for incoming orders and performing accounting activities.

I am highly experienced in creating and maintaining liaison with cross company and vendor partners to ensure that that all procedures are carried out in a time efficient fashion. My extended knowledge of reviewing statistical data in order to analyze customer opinion and managing related pricing along with identifying opportunities for growth is what makes me an expert in managing merchandising tasks successfully.

As advised, I am enclosing my resume here for your consideration in anticipation of securing a meeting with you. Please feel free to call me on 444-555-8888 or email me at [Email] if you need further information from me. Thank you for your kind consideration.




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