A resume objective is what makes an employer want to or not want to see the rest of your resume – which is why this statement holds a lot of weight when writing a resume. If the objective is compelling enough, so is the rest of the resume.

An objective statement tells an employer what your specific skills and career goals are and how can you contribute to the prospective organization. Objective statements use the benefit of adjectives to make an impact.

Let us talk about what an administrative assistant’s resume objective will be. An administrative assistant is responsible for a variety of tasks within an organization and the skills needed to truly do justice to this position need to be many. Some of the jobs of an administrative assistant include organizing correspondence, managing office supplies and equipment and maintaining liaison with other departments to ensure that all work is running smoothly. A candidate writing a resume for this position may need to highlight his or her organizational, clerical and time management skills. Here are a few examples of result oriented objective statements for an Administrative Assistant Resume.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples

  • Administrative Assistant position with UpStream Global Services utilizing my great communication skills and expertise in performing secretarial tasks effectively, and making the most of my record-keeping experience.
  • To obtain an Administrative Assistant position with FJ Capital Management in which my customer care, bookkeeping, secretarial and general office paperwork skills will contribute to utmost efficiency and productivity.
  • Seeking a position of Administrative Assistant with Scripps Health, where I can utilize my efficient problem solving and brilliant customer relations skills in a truly motivating work environment.
  • Looking for a position as an Administrative Assistant utilizing my well honed organizational and communication skills to make a positive contribution to the organization.
  • To obtain an Administrative Assistant position at Tetra Tech where I can use my office management and administrative skills in a highly stimulating environment.


Whatever a resume objective may be, the language needs to be clear and the tone must be confident. Vague objective statements or ones that show only self interest have the capacity to put employers off. A candidate must be specific to the job that he is applying and mention what he can do for the employer. An objective statement must be focused emphasizing on candidate’s major skills / qualifications so that there is some reason to keep reading the resume.