The skills section of a plumber resume lets you state your particular training and education in plumbing or outline personality traits that would be beneficial for your future employer. This section can also be called as Strengths or Capabilities.

While writing skills section of a plumber resume, review your experience for appropriate skills. Ninety percent of those interviewed cannot make out their skills and lots of fail to recognize transferable skills they acquired in other professions. Take a personal record of what you can do, and make out the things that would make you the best applicant.


Plumber Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in installing, modifying and fixing plumbing systems and tools

• Profound knowledge of plumbing codes and practices

• Proven ability to maintain records and organize daily activity reports

• Outstanding ability to estimate materials, labor and equipment costs

• Able to diagram and outline work using blueprint drawings, and work orders

• Hands-on experience in utilizing and maintaining plumbing tools and equipment

• Proven record of troubleshooting complex plumbing systems

• Experience working with various pipe materials and fittings

• Knowledge of industrial as well as commercial plumbing protocols

• Demonstrated ability to perform work efficiently without supervision