Grocery Store baggers or courtesy clerks are the major components of any grocery store setting. They not only transport groceries to customers’ vehicles, they require having strong interpersonal sand communication skills and the capability to speedily solve issues.

Following are the abilities related to grocery store bagger resume. Use these kinds of statements and phrases in your resume to make it stand-out.

As a grocery store bagger, you must be able to:

• Provide outstanding customer service and constantly have a smile on face

• Lift up to 40lbs without any help

• Bag the customer’s groceries in an ordered way

• Deliver the customer’s groceries to their vehicle and help them load the groceries into the vehicle.

• Keep hard, soft, foodstuff and hazardous products in separate bags

• Bring the carts back from parking lot into the store

• Stack a mixture of products, ranging from 10lb to 40lb bags onto standard pallets, must be done tidy and square

• Smiling and supportive in all encounters with customers

• Dress is informal but clean and sharp

• Make and believe other duties and responsibilities required or assigned by administration

• Adhere to the Code of Business Ethics, honesty and integrity

• Help check product quality including; bags not correctly tied, foreign objects, yellow ice and any variation from standards

• Learn to start and stop the line when looked-for

• Keep the area secure and report possible hazards to manager

• Clean direct work area and whole facility consistent with the Master Cleaning program