Recruiters work as a go-between for companies looking for people to hire and people looking for jobs. They strive to meet staffing requirements of a company by arranging candidates that fit a job profile provided by the company. People who employ recruiters to help them achieve staffing objectives are always on the lookout for individuals […]

The designation “recruiter” is self-explanatory. Recruiters works with the human resource department of a company to scrutinize, interview and hire personnel for a particular job. Technically, recruiters are expected to study a company’s plans and objectives and then interview and hire people who meet those requirements. They discuss a company’s need for personnel with managers […]

LinkedIn summaries for sales professionals are probably the best way to impress the potential recruiters online. Many employers rely on candidates’ LinkedIn profiles as part of the decision making process. It is no mystery why they do this – employers need to know what kind of a candidate they will be interviewing (or hiring) and […]

To make sure that your resume for Retail Sales position is read by an employer (and not filed away for “future”) you need to make sure that it contains solid information in it. Chances are that when a prospective employer picks up your resume, he will judge you by the first paragraph (or sentence) that […]

Research in the field of recruiting psychology suggests that most hiring specialists take their final decision regarding the fate of resume in about 50-60 seconds. These are rather scary statistics and call for major transformation of your existing resume. If you built your credit analyst resume keeping in mind that the recruiter will read through […]

A cover letter for credit analyst position is not just a formality. Majority of the recruiters actually read through them and decide whether or not to view your resume on basis of the same. Do not take them casually! Credit Analyst Cover Letter Tips • In order to come up with an impressive credit analyst […]

Objective statement is an excellent opportunity to set the tone for your IT Internship resume. An internship objective is more specific than regular work objectives. If you are seeking an IT internship then you are probably a student or a new graduate and your work objective needs to be formulated accordingly. You might want to state […]