Recruiters work as a go-between for companies looking for people to hire and people looking for jobs. They strive to meet staffing requirements of a company by arranging candidates that fit a job profile provided by the company. People who employ recruiters to help them achieve staffing objectives are always on the lookout for individuals […]

The designation “recruiter” is self-explanatory. Recruiters works with the human resource department of a company to scrutinize, interview and hire personnel for a particular job. Technically, recruiters are expected to study a company’s plans and objectives and then interview and hire people who meet those requirements. They discuss a company’s need for personnel with managers […]

The argument about what a good resume contain is a never ending one. People disagree about the dos and don’ts of resumes every day while the resume standards keep changing. Every year, new things are discovered about what will make a resume more interesting and readable for an employer. Initially, long resumes were all the […]

If you want a strong resume for Respiratory Therapist position, make sure to write a powerful objective statement. Since a resume objective is the primary section that a prospective employer reads, it is possible that it will become the deciding factor for your employment. The strength of a resume objective is evident from how well […]

Coming up with a convincing resume for sales associate is not an easy task and becomes even more difficult when you do not have any experience. If you are facing such a situation, it is recommended to explore your transferable skills. Everybody has a number of transferable skills – you need to identify the same. […]

Recruiters are always short of time since they receive many job applications against a single posting. The process of initial screening and short listing is not an enjoyable one and cover letters that are vague and general are irritatingly time wasting. To write a successful preschool teacher’s aide cover letter – that actually works by convincing […]

Yo apply for any position at a church, you may need a little extra struggle on your part. While skills and experience play a considerable role in getting you a job at the church, it is actually how you word your cover letter that is going to decide your employment future. Churches receive hundreds of applications for […]