Recruiters work as a go-between for companies looking for people to hire and people looking for jobs. They strive to meet staffing requirements of a company by arranging candidates that fit a job profile provided by the company. People who employ recruiters to help them achieve staffing objectives are always on the lookout for individuals […]

The designation “recruiter” is self-explanatory. Recruiters works with the human resource department of a company to scrutinize, interview and hire personnel for a particular job. Technically, recruiters are expected to study a company’s plans and objectives and then interview and hire people who meet those requirements. They discuss a company’s need for personnel with managers […]

The information you decide to include in your objective statement should be a strategic decision. While some recruiters view objective statements as a source to gain insight into the client’s skills, others consider these a waste of time. If you are an entry level candidate or seeking a career switch, your resume definitely needs an […]

A bagger cover letter serves multiple purposes. It is important to know all of these in order to benefit from it. Firstly, the cover letter should introduce your resume to the employer. Secondly, your cover letter must demonstrate a match between your skills and required competencies. Thirdly, it needs to show the value you can […]

Much debate has been going on in the recent years regarding usefulness of Cosmetologist resume objectives. While some recruiters prefer seeing a performance summary or professional profile on top of the resume, others are still in favor of resume objective. Since it is not possible to find out the category in which the prospective employer […]

The argument about what a good resume contain is a never ending one. People disagree about the dos and don’ts of resumes every day while the resume standards keep changing. Every year, new things are discovered about what will make a resume more interesting and readable for an employer. Initially, long resumes were all the […]

If you want a strong resume for Respiratory Therapist position, make sure to write a powerful objective statement. Since a resume objective is the primary section that a prospective employer reads, it is possible that it will become the deciding factor for your employment. The strength of a resume objective is evident from how well […]