Recruiters work as a go-between for companies looking for people to hire and people looking for jobs. They strive to meet staffing requirements of a company by arranging candidates that fit a job profile provided by the company. People who employ recruiters to help them achieve staffing objectives are always on the lookout for individuals […]

The designation “recruiter” is self-explanatory. Recruiters works with the human resource department of a company to scrutinize, interview and hire personnel for a particular job. Technically, recruiters are expected to study a company’s plans and objectives and then interview and hire people who meet those requirements. They discuss a company’s need for personnel with managers […]

Employers and professors are often requested by their employees or students to write a recommendation letter for them. Before writing one, it is very important to understand what exact purpose a recommendation letter is meant to serve. Usually students seeking a job or admission require a letter that will help them get recruited in some […]

If you have obtained training as a dental assistant and would now like to work in a real time environment, the first step that you need to take is writing a good resume. Competition is tough, therefore, you should write your resume for a dental assistant position in a way which instantly grab the attention […]

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy recruiter for a minute and consider this: You have 2 job openings to fill within three days and have a pile of hundreds of resumes. How much time would you spend on each? Definitely not more than ten to twenty seconds. What kind of resumes will grab […]

The information you decide to include in your objective statement should be a strategic decision. While some recruiters view objective statements as a source to gain insight into the client’s skills, others consider these a waste of time. If you are an entry level candidate or seeking a career switch, your resume definitely needs an […]

A bagger cover letter serves multiple purposes. It is important to know all of these in order to benefit from it. Firstly, the cover letter should introduce your resume to the employer. Secondly, your cover letter must demonstrate a match between your skills and required competencies. Thirdly, it needs to show the value you can […]