Whoever told you that entry level resumes need to be toned down was wrong! It is at the entry level that you need to show enthusiasm more than anything else. Toning down a resume means that you are losing out on an opportunity. If you do not have experience to talk about, you can talk […]

Applying for a first job is never easy. But believe us, it doesn’t get easier later either. Even if you are writing a cover letter for a position for which you have had years of experience, you will always be a little at edge when writing one. Why? Because your future might be at stake […]

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been called for an interview, despite applying for many jobs? And being so experienced and skilled? Unless bad luck has something to do with it, you could be a victim of mistaken identity – or something that you have done in your personal life that is now reflecting […]

Knowing yourself and knowing the employer are the two basics of writing a cover letter for technical recruiter position. When you have both these covered, you have the entire cover letter covered. Knowing yourself is important because you need to be able to portray yourself correctly. Knowing the employer is as important since you need […]

Writing a resume objective for the position of a junior recruiter will firstly involve delving into what the job is all about and what skills it requires from you. Junior recruiters are the first people who screen candidates’ resumes so it is important for them to be analytic in their thinking and possess the ability […]

A junior recruiter’s resume should highlight the candidate’s critical thinking and people skills as this role plays a pivotal part in the recruiting process. The resume should also be able to pinpoint what background the candidate has in the human resource niche so it is important to chart out your responsibilities and achievements as much […]

Skills are central to driving your workplace wins so it only makes sense not to write a cover letter without stressing on skills. In fact, cover letters are all about skills especially if you are applying for a position such as that of a junior recruiter in which one has no choice but to rely […]