Repeating your resume is certainly not the purpose of a cover letter. Cover letters give you the freedom of using full sentences instead of the bullet points that you use to describe your skills and qualification in resumes. Cover letters are used to show what you are really capable of doing for the company– and […]

Writing an aesthetically pleasing resume is not enough – resumes need to be meaty too. What you write under each section head is very important. A tailored resume can be based on any of these: • Linking an opening statement to your experience • Listing most relevant skills first • Including examples of achievements • […]

Captivating your audience – prospective employers in this case – is a surefire way of bagging that very important interview. Exuding sincerity, offering specific value and making your cover letter employer-oriented is the best way of getting across to a prospective employer. By doing this, you will have no problems in writing a rocking cover […]

Since each resume is one of a kind marketing tool, you do not really have to follow the rules that dictate length and format of popular resumes. Some basic principles however, should be followed so that you can write a highly effective resume dor junior chef position. So, if you are applying for a junior […]

Writing an original, targeted cover letter for a school administrator position will definitely take your application places. You need to state why you want to work for a particular school in the first paragraph (and possibly where you learnt about the vacancy) and show that your career goals are actually aligned with the school and […]

A resume for a food service manager position can do more for you than merely summarizing your educational background and work history. A well-crafted resume emphasizes the results of your efforts and has the capacity to draw clear parallels between what you can offer and what an employer wants. Thus, paying special attention when creating […]

When applying for a guest relation officer position, you will need to write a cover letter in a way which perfectly cater to the requirements of a specific employer. If you are applying for the same position at three different places, make sure that you customize your cover letter to meet the individual needs of […]

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