Truly a difficult task to do, attempting to write a resignation letter can put most of us in a dilemma. There is a certain manner that resignation letters need to be written – most professionals can get a bit intimidated when trying to put in all that a letter of this nature should have. However, […]

A well written cover letter is perhaps your best shot at obtaining an Aged Care RN position. Even if the employer has not demanded for one, it’s best to include a cover letter in your application pack. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while writing your cover letter. Before composing your letter, research […]

Technology has ruled our lives for the last 2 decades of previous century and the fourteen years of this one. People who can hold technical positions successfully may be many but the ones who can truly make a difference are rare. Employers generally look for the best people they can hire especially in positions that […]

To write a cover letter for a technical position like PHP Developer, one needs to do some brain storming – what can a candidate possibly write that will appeal to a prospective employer? The answer to this question varies depending on what level you are applying for. If it is an entry level position, you […]

It does not matter if you are applying for a paid internship or an unpaid one, your resume should reflect what capabilities you could bring to the prospective company. This is especially true if you are preparing a resume for an internship in public relations where your communication skills will be judged quite severely. Resumes […]

Cover letters for Internship may be very challenging to write as one has to rely solely on his knowledge regarding a Public Relations job. However, if you use the right words and write your skills in the right manner, you may be quite successful in obtaining an interview. Public Relations internships are important because they […]

LinkedIn summaries for sales professionals are probably the best way to impress the potential recruiters online. Many employers rely on candidates’ LinkedIn profiles as part of the decision making process. It is no mystery why they do this – employers need to know what kind of a candidate they will be interviewing (or hiring) and […]

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