Position Overview Banquet captains are those amazing people who call the shots to ensure that each banquet event is handled flawlessly. While many people handle the small details that are ever so important in banquet management, it is the banquet captain who makes sure that all these small details are properly and timely coordinated. Working […]

An interview should never be looked at something to be scared of. It is an opportunity for you to self-analyze. The more rigorously you do this, the better your chances for success at the interview. The duration of the interview is not the only time when you self-analyze. Before an interview, it is important to […]

You might be able to tell the difference between a well written, targeted cover letter and one that is written in a generic manner but only once you have the results – acceptance or a rejection. But by that time, it may be too late. Especially if you have been told that your application for […]

Guidelines When you compare targeted resume vs a generic one, you will realize that there is a huge difference. Targeted resumes deliver more concrete information as compared to its generic counterpart. While the generic one may not be too bad, but it usually fails to chart you out as a perfect applicant. A targeted resume […]

Overview The central driving force behind cover letters and resumes are skills. In real life, you cannot do anything if you are not a skilled concrete laborer. In work life, things do not change much. Hiring managers actively seek out people who have a certain skills set and can outperform other people, without needing constant […]

Position Overview Concrete laborers come under the broader category of construction laborers. They work on construction sites by ensuring that the right consistency of concrete is poured into preset structures, in the most appropriate manner. Since much of the work of a concrete laborer is outdoors, it is essential for them to be able to […]

You may not have been as terrified watching The Shining as you have been when contemplating how to handle an impending interview. Interviews are scary prospects only because of the uncertainty associated with them. The adrenalin rush during the interview process can actually backfire, resulting in us making the silliest of mistakes and killing our […]

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