One place where being shy isn’t going to get you anything is when you write a cover letter. For most of us, bragging about our abilities can be a bit of a strange thing. But it is necessary to do when writing a cover letter. Remember that the more articulate you are in one, the […]

A list of skills within a resume will make it more likely for you to be considered for hotel front office supervisor position. Why? Because a hiring manager will depend more on your skills than anything else to decide if he wants to hire you or not. A skills list in a resume does more […]

A hotel front office supervisor is hired to ensure that first tier services in a hospitality environment are carried out with appropriateness. This individual is responsible for the entire operations of the front desk, which includes guest greetings, reservations, check-ins and check-outs, and of course, payment procedures. While most hotels make sure that all people […]

Creating an interview questionnaire isn’t the easiest thing on the planet. Employers spend days, sometime weeks to determine what type of questions to ask, and how to gauge an interviewee on certain standards. And this process can easily go to waste if the interviewer has the “bad luck” to interview one ordinary candidate after another. […]

Letters of interest for student LPNs are more or less in the same league as cover letters. The only difference is perhaps the fact that they are written when no job opportunity has been identified. A Student Licensed Practical Nurse letter of interest will primarily be written to figure out if there is a vacant […]

Nowadays, the focus is on writing a cover letter that brings results. No longer are cover letters mere adornments that make resumes look pretty. Cover letters are now considered entities that tell hiring managers much about a candidate, specifically his skills and accomplishments. How you begin a cover letter matters tremendously. Salutation snoozers are a […]

  A hiring manager can only think of you as an ordinary applicant when they pick up your resume! It is up to you to introduce yourself as an exceptional candidate. Once your candidacy is established, so is the interest of a hiring manager. But establishing your candidacy is not done by simply telling a […]