Before you attempt to prepare your resume and cover letter to apply for a community outreach coordinator position, read this job description carefully. Thorough understanding of the position will help you write both these documents in a more profound manner. Community outreach coordinators are hired by organizations that want to reach out to members of […]

Has the thought that your resume may not be considered top notch ever bothered you? If the answer to this is yes, the fault lies with you. A well-written resume can never be disregarded – unless you count in nepotism! In all other circumstances, a good resume has the capacity to take the applicant quite […]

Tips Opening lines of a cover letter should be written carefully – this is a given. But once you are past this stage, you need to keep your cover letter mojo going as you flesh out the middle paragraphs with content that emphasizes your strengths. Being shy in listing your qualifications, skills, achievements and competencies […]

You pick up a resume sample for an experienced position to write your own while you have no experience in hand – you are headed for disaster. Experience does not necessarily mean that you are better than someone who has lack thereof. Some employers actually look for rookies who have a fresh take on work. […]

English education is not what it used to be now. In the middle years, the importance of teaching English is very more important. This is owing to the fact that the middle years is where children actually begin preparing themselves for the big, bad world out there. And since English is the most important language […]

Tricky to write but important to build, resumes are the main reason any of us get a job. Some of you might disagree and put cover letters on the forefront but the truth is that cover letters only covert the reader’s focus on the resume – the resume does the rest. Do you now agree […]

Cover letters have special places in employers’ hearts – a mere look at one well-written cover letter means great prospects for both – him and you. Cover letters work both ways i.e. for the employer and for the candidate. So they have to be written keeping both aspects in mind. Anatomically, cover letters need to […]

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