High school is a time when students often find themselves in tricky situations with which their teachers and parents cannot help them much. Enter counselors! High school counselors assist students in handling the often challenging situations associated with adulthood and education. They may help students on a personal or academic level, depending on what they […]

If you have been through a few interviews already, you will know that they are definitely cumbersome to handle. If your preparation is not up to the mark, there is a huge chance that you will fail the interview stage – or at least, not impress the hiring manager too much. You have to be […]

Would you believe it if we told you that a cover letter written for an entry level position can be a great charmer? Believe it! Experience is a relative term and does not always count when applying for a job. Unless an employer specifically states that he or she is looking for someone experienced, it […]

Position Overview An assistant director of nursing oversees and directs the services provided by nursing units within a medical service facility. It is the job of a nursing assistant director to interview and hire nurses, and provide them with basic and advanced training that is required to be useful in a certain work environment. To […]

A resume is not a document that holds focused information as a whole. In fact, it holds short snippets of what your professional prowess has been over the past years. The focus is distributed in different areas in the resume. But what matters most is how you have placed your skills in a resume – […]

  Your resume and cover letter may be great avenues for hiring managers who want to delve deep into what the candidate is all about, but they are no match for face to face meetings. An interview is a better way of discovering a candidate’s abilities, making it easy for hiring managers to gauge how […]

  How you handle the first question of an interview, decides how successful you will be in obtaining the job that you have your heart set on. The first answer usually sets pace for the next ones, from employers who may have a lot of areas to gauge you on. Preparing for questions that may […]