A good cover letter never becomes one of the crowd. Originality of content is important in cover letters. When employers go through several cover letters in one go, they all start to sound the same even if they are not. Only a cover letter that is extraordinary will catch the reader’s attention and keep it […]

Your resume and cover letter are only the first steps to the destination. The last and final one is the interview. This is where your future in the company will be decided. Being immobilized with anxiety is a common occurrence prior to interviews – our careers depend on how well we handle interviews and it […]

  Converting your thoughts into professional statements can be quite a task. Best to write what you want to in points on a piece of paper before you attempt developing a resume. You can then pick up the ones that are worth writing and discard the rest. Here is a resume sample to give you […]

Cover letters can be as exciting as adventure novels, or as boring as office memos! It all depends on how you write them. Don’t make them look like professional documents that don’t impress. Instead, write them in a way that tells a story – your story. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to impress an employer […]

The cutthroat job market nowadays makes it increasingly difficult to create a positive impression on an interviewer. Selling your boutique management abilities needs a lot of thought and hard work especially when you are sitting across the table from an interviewer who is being paid to grill you! What do you do? Here are a […]

A hardlines team member is typically a sales individual who works in the “hard” part of a retail establishment – typically an area within the store that is tiled, as opposed to being covered with a carpet. The purpose of separating hardlines from softlines is to be able to easily decipher the physical position of […]

Every individual has a different take on interviews. Some of us get excited at the prospect of meeting a decision maker and impressing him with what we can do. Others would just like to hide under the bed until they can summon up the courage to face a judgmental interviewer! Would it make you feel […]

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