The word “relevant” is something that you will come across many times when you look for information on cover letter writing. The reason is simple – a cover letter that is not relevant to the position that an individual is applying for, never gets read past the first sentence. Cover letters are strong indicators of […]

  You can deem your resume writing efforts successful once an employer deems your resume a success. However, there is no actual way to determine the success of your resume unless of course, you are called in for an interview. Make sure each section of your resume is complete and relevant before you consider sending […]

Position Overview A clinical research nurse does not perform the same duties as a registered nurse. A registered nurse may eventually want to become part of a clinical research trial to increase her knowledgebase and exposure to the medical world. The work of a clinical research nurse is far from easy. The need to be […]

Considering submitting a resume for clinical research nurse position with incomplete information? Think again! How much time will including an additional section on your resume take? An extra half hour? Invest this time to get results that may last a career lifetime. How? The skills section in a resume is often forgotten or placed on […]

What is your first consideration when appearing for a job interview? How you look? Or if you are prepared well for the questioning? If you have to choose between the two, we might have to start all over again. Both these are important to look out for when appearing for an interview. At a job […]

If you’re a physically fit individual and would like to work in the hospitality industry, there is nothing better than working as a room attendant. As a room attendant, it will be your responsibility to make sure the guests’ rooms are kept neat and clean at all times, apart from other related duties. To be […]

Cover letters were not a necessary part of a direct support professional job application set until very recently. What changed? Well, competition is what made things change, making the cover letter now an essential part of a job application. With so many competent people now applying for the same position, it often becomes impossible to […]

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