It is not untrue that there are some interviews that are tougher than others – like those conducted for sales positions. Why, you ask? The difficulty of an interview depends on how much importance an employer gives to a position – a sales position is directly responsible for ensuring business for a company, so it […]

A customized cover letter for CIO (Chief Information Officer) is an opportunity of having personalized communication regarding your dream job with a prospective employer. It is a chance to prove the suitability of your candidacy and to inspire the recruiter to give a well-deserved and thorough read to your accompanying resume. Effective cover letters are […]

Interview processes for a teaching assistant position differ from employer to employer. Some like to keep it casual while others are hell-bent on making the process cumbersome so that the mettle of the candidate can be tested. Whether it is a casual interview or one that takes the mickey out of you, preparation is the […]

Do you know that trying to calm yourself down right before an interview can actually result in increased anxiety? Well, it is true. The more you tell yourself “It’s okay”, the more your mind will scream “No! It’s not!” But there is a way to counter this. Mind over matter is the key. Train yourself […]

Ever wonder what happened to the days when people would retire from their first job? Well, those days are a thing of the past. Where job-hopping was once considered career suicide, employers are slowly beginning to understand and even accept career changing as a norm. Why? Things have changed – times have changed. Staying in one […]

The new trends in hairdressing leave many olds school people baffled and sometimes extremely shocked! The colors that adorn our hair could put a peacock to shame! But that is the way of the world and it does rub off on even the most prudish of us. Can you imagine how much in demand hairdressers […]

Falling under the broader category of dining room attendants, bus girls work in restaurants where their main duty is to facilitate food service. They perform many support services such as cleaning tables, removing dishes, replacing soiled table linens and setting tables. Working as a bus girl requires a lot of physical energy as one has […]

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