It is a complete myth that cover letters are rarely read – on the contrary, cover letters are widely read. Employers are keen to know why you, over all other candidates for a job, are worth interviewing. Some important things that you need to know about cover letters include: • Regardless the advertisement asks for […]

An average cover letter just does not work anymore. A good cover letter doesn’t either. What does work is one that is exceptionally well-written and targets the job description perfectly. Companies shop for skills when they screen candidates for post office job. This means that if you are applying for a mail carrier job at […]

It is important to keep in mind the connection between a resume and an interview when you begin writing a resume. To move up the rewards chain, your resume has to be targeted and attract a decision maker to invite you for an interview. How you word your resume is what decides if you will […]

A cover letter that has “awesomeness” value is one that is written perfectly from the time it opens to the time it ends. Knockout opening statements, powerhouse mix and match phrases and action closing statements are what make any cover letter an awesome one. Did you know that cover letter writing experts says that you […]

Regardless of the type of experience (professional and personal) that you have had in a teaching job, writing a positive resignation letter is very important. Here are a few reasons why a resignation letter is important: • To provide a reason for leaving your teaching job • To give a notice of intent to leave […]

Resumes for school library assistant position should be written to give a positive, professional impression as it is technically an advertising tool. Each tailored resume that you write needs to have a sense of purpose, should focus on achievements and possess credibility. Do you know of the 20 second rule? In most instances, a potential […]

The woes of writing a resume for a technical position are many – the merits of doing so can bring you much benefit. Well written technical resumes can penetrate the resume pool and come on top if they have it in them to be eye catching. Use of power words particular to a position can […]

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