Using a reader-centered approach to writing a cover letter is imperative, even at the entry level – actually, especially at the entry level. Showing specifically how you can help the organization meet its goals and objectives is important if you want your application to be considered. Move from general to specific information when writing a […]

0000000The joy of joining a new job can be dampened by the feeling of dread at beginning anew. But there is good news here. You can ease the jitters of meeting new people (and getting to know them from scratch) by formally introducing yourself as the newest member of their team. An email will work […]

You might find it cumbersome to write cover letters even if it is not a first attempt. As it is a very important document, a cover letter needs your best possible attention. You cannot simply write an ordinary cover letter and be done with it if positive employment results is what your aim is. The […]

  Writing a warehouse trainer resume that is complete from all angles is not always possible. However, we can do the best possible effort by writing a resume that is as complete as it can be. By complete we mean that a resume needs to be absolutely spot on with information. Irrelevant information has no […]

Why would an organization hire the services of a warehouse trainer when a supervisor can do the same job? The answer to this lies in the fact that trainers have one specific thing that they need to concentrate on – training – while supervisors have a lot of other things on their plate too, including […]

A trial run prior to the day of the interview will probably save you a lot of grief on the D day! If you know where you are going, it may help ease the initial interview heebie-jeebies! Find out who is interviewing you and be prepared to wait for your turn at the day of […]

Common employability skills for dental hygiene position include the ability to communicate properly and meet deadlines. Unfortunately, these are not the only skills that an employer wants. While these might be the basic ones, an employer will always look for a candidate who is proactive and can actually do the work meted out to him. […]

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