The resume section following the candidate’s contact information is essentially either an objective or a summary. You definitely need one for your math teacher resume but how to establish which one you need? Well, below is a simplified answer to this million dollar question. If you are a beginner and short on experience, then you […]

If you are wondering how to make your Accounts Payable Supervisor resume impressive in today’s job market you have come to the right page. Below, we have outlined the STAR method for writing your achievements in a resume. This will guide you in creating the desired impact with your resume on the prospective employer. STAR […]

Some recommendation letters are more formal than others. The tone of each recommendation letter is dependent on the situation and the person writing the reference letter. Reference letters may be written in a professional or a personal capacity depending on the specifics of what has been asked by the person who needs one written. An […]

Team members come under the broader category of customer service personnel. Even though any individual who is part of a team is considered a team member but the hospitality and food industries0 term team members as people who are in direct contact with customers and are responsible for providing them with good customer services. Popular […]

Reference letters chart out an individual’s character, personality and work ethics and are usually written by ex-employers. Where realtors are concerned, reference letters may also be issued by happy clients to whom the realtor in question has served well. The approach to writing any reference letter needs to be positive – writing defamatory comments or […]

Imagine sitting across the table from an interviewer and inwardly smirking like the Cheshire Cat because you are actually over prepared for the impending interview! How would that feel? Great is the answer! This comes from careful preparation prior to an interview. If you know what your interviewer will ask you, you are sure to […]

The skills section on a resume helps interviewers make critical hiring decisions. Referring to a skills section provide interviewers with important information about a candidate’s potential to perform well in a specific position. Interviewers often match a candidate’s skills with a job description so that they can gauge if the candidate is good enough for […]

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