Being merely “to whom it may concern” letters, Line Cook recommendation letters holds great importance if you are looking for a new job. Recommendation letters have the capacity to assist people in obtaining jobs that they are aspiring to obtain. A recommendation letter contains niceties about an ex employee; it has to be a positive […]

A Line Cook interview is quite a force to reckon with but it should not be taken as a “problem”. Interviews are not something we can avoid if we want to attain a job which is why it is important to take them very seriously. Remember that an interview is conducted to judge if an […]

Any front desk position such as that of a hair salon receptionist is one of extreme responsibility. There is much dependant on how a receptionist conducts herself and her work and salon owners depend highly on her ability to service and retain important clients. Hair salon receptionists are the primary point of contact for clients […]

All of us have been through the difficult task of writing a resignation letter at least once in our lives. The uncertainty that comes with writing a letter of this nature is a great deterrent in writing a good one and leaving a last good impression. But uncertainty or not, a resignation letter has to be […]

Always design your resume for  Surgical Tech Representative position according to the needs of the employer. Read through the advertisement and chalk out your core competencies. Give it a rough sketch first. Here are some quick tips for you: • Your resume should be error free. Check it for typing errors and incorrect figures before […]

Cover letter writing is a knack and by following a few fundamental tips you can master the art! We provide you some substantial tips of cover letter writing with special reference to a surgical tech position: Customize your letter: Yes, tailoring your cover letter for each hospital you apply at is very important. Make sure […]

Ready to apply for a terminal operator position? Add a cover letter to your application! Writing a cover letter can be sometimes very tricky but by following a few tips you can grab the employer’s attention. Follow the tips given below and format your own cover letter. Start impressively: The first paragraph must not be […]

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