Branding your skills and then presenting them to the prospective employer impressively in form of a well built resume is a difficult task and unfortunately one that every candidate needs to master these days. Following are some golden rules regarding resume writing followed by a well written residential coordinator resume sample. • Address the employer’s needs […]

To get noticed in today’s aggressive job market, your resume for heavy duty mechanic position should be easy to read, highly impressive and instantly appealing. Keeping your resume uncluttered is also crucial if you want the prospective employer to read it till the end. Below are two golden rules to follow while writing a heavy duty […]

Almost all employers demand a cover letter with every job application these days. Cover letter is a tool that facilitates both, the employer as well the candidate. It enables the employer to get an insight into the personality, competence and caliber of the candidate while for the candidates it serves as an opportunity to introduce […]

Using the write language is crucial to cover letter writing. If you don’t have idea of the hiring firm’s culture and normative language, chances are you might use a writing style that is not appreciated in the firm thus lessening your chances of being called for interview. Taking a tone too formal or too casual […]

Software Developer Cover Letter Tips • Address your letter by name directly to the HR in charge • In the first paragraph tell them how you found out about the job and why you are interested in it • In the second paragraph, match your offered skills to the demanded ones • Show that you […]

A resume for Community Coordinator position can never serve the purpose of a cover letter. Both documents are closely related but serve varied purposes. While your resume will present a summary of your professional qualifications a cover letter will make sense out of it. It is the cover letter that will relate your profile with […]

There are certain traits associated with a bakery assistant position. These include: ability to follow written and verbal instructions accurately, skills in following a recipe and doubling/dividing it, a customer oriented attitude and remarkable communication skills. These are generic skills that will be expected of any candidate seeking a bakery assistant position. Make sure your […]

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