When an employer picks up a resume for a delivery driver position, s/he do not merely look for experience. Most employers look for recognized, up to date qualifications from the people who apply for a job at their company. Oddly enough, even the most experienced candidates are sometimes those who are not qualified for a job. […]

The intrigue associated with loss prevention is enough to make most of us drool with delight, as our inner Sherlock Holmes comes out. Of course, it is not all fun and games. Working as a loss prevention officer or manager sounds like great fun. Following suspicious people around a store and catching a few shoplifting! […]

For people who speak better than they write, constructing stand out cover letters can be a great problem. Not a problem that they cannot overcome – just one that is uncomfortable. While no one can teach you to write as well as you speak in one day, you can do other things – like record […]

Project Coordinator Cover Letter Tips ‘Keeping it Short and Simple’ is the key to successful cover letters for Project Coordinator resume. Limiting your cover letter to one page is a surefire way of keeping the reader’s interest piqued. You have to put yourself in the reader’s place. If you had a job where you were […]

Resumes for information clerk position show your different faces in different places. Each position that you apply for should be done with a separate, on target resume. A one resume for all just doesn’t work anymore. A general resume model is merely a shot in the dark – a hit or a miss. Usually the […]

Cover letters are oh so old fashioned is an old fashioned statement in itself. If there is something that is more in fashion than anything else, it is a cover letter. Why do we say that? To put it simply, let us take an example. A book is often judged by its cover, they say […]

Okay, let us take your word for it – you are an awesome housekeeper! But can you make a prospective employer believe that too? How would you? Through a resume, of course! But wait! Is your resume for housekeeping position up to the mark? Does it have the X factor that employers look for in […]

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