Guidelines A good cover letter for truck driver position is based on only two things: 1. What I (candidate) know about the prospective company 2. And what you (company/employer) will like about me These two points are what you have to put into every sentence that you write in a cover letter for truck driver […]

Importance Neither a registered nurse cover letter nor a resume is much good if it does not hold information of the applicant’s achievements. To be fair, you can get away with not mentioning your accomplishments in a cover letter – you can talk about your skills instead – but if you write a resume without […]

Overview Did you know that most resumes for system administrator position are reviewed between 20-30 seconds only? Does that scare you? It should. Because if that is how little time a reviewer spends on your resume, how in the world are you going to make an impression? There is a loophole here… A system administrator […]

Guidelines There are some questions that you should consider before you attempt to write a system administrator cover letter: • Who is my audience? • What is the purpose of writing this letter? • How can I focus on the reader but still achieve my goals? • What do I have in me that will […]

Guideines Creating a software tester resume that sell is not impossible. You just have to separate the dos and don’ts and when you do this effectively, the resume falls into place itself. Unbelievably, there are only a few resume don’ts. When you write a resume, keep a lookout for these: • Resumes should not be […]

Overview and Guidelines Generic, all-purpose cover letters are considered nothing. Employers have neither time nor patience for the likes of these. Cover letters that show your skills and experience relating to a specific position, are the ones that generate results. When you highlight your skills in a cover letter, you are actually highlighting the fact […]

Resume is a candidate’s personal marketing tool and its purpose is to promote the unique combination of experiences, skills and education being offered. Like all marketing tools, resume must be designed to appeal the target audiences, which in this case are the prospective employers. Each job opportunity and employer is unique, so in an active […]

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