One of the most important sections on a resume is coincidentally also, the easiest to write! We are talking about the skills section. You do not agree? Well, let us change your mind! The skills section is easy to write because there is no research involved – unless you count self-analysis as research! All you […]

Position Overview A medical records coordinator is usually hired by a medical facility such as a clinic or a hospital to handle its medical records management needs. These individuals need to be especially hands-on in creating and maintaining medical records of patients by ensuring both accuracy and integrity of the said data. Needless to say, […]

  Do you know that you can actually look forward to interviews? While it may seem like an impossibility to people who do not feel prepared for the ordeal, acing an interview is easier than you think. But this is only possible if you know what to expect. Do some research. Find out what you […]

  Being interviewed does not mean that your abilities are being questioned. Unfortunately, many of us take it this way and end up acting defensive at the time of interview. This doesn’t help our case – in fact, it makes us come across as pompous and arrogant. And that is not the image that you […]

Lube Technician Cover Letter Format There is no magic on numbers of paragraphs to include in a lube technician cover letter. Most people find that three paragraphs work well, but if you want to increase or even decrease the number, do it. The three paragraph rule is perhaps to appease the introduction, main body and […]

Entering in the professional workforce for the first time is nerve wracking. You do not know what the competition is all about, hence the jitters. Providing a punch to your resume is what will work at this stage. Since experience is not something that you can boast about, you need something else to make your […]

  Reviewing common interview questions is the best way of preparing for an inventory specialist interview. Other things that you can do to make sure that you do not end up at the wrong side of the road include dressing for success, arriving on time, conducting research on the employer and showing self-confidence. Coming to […]

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