People are interested in volunteer positions for various reasons. Students take up such positions to gain experience in their field of interest. Retired or laid off employees do so to broaden their professional horizon while some people perform volunteer services just to fill in their spare hours. Objective statements are continued to be the opening […]

An objective statement for an account manager resume is usually employer’s first impression of you. The objective section is the most important section of the resume and must be tailored cleverly to suit the demands of the target position. Before writing an objective statement, shortlist your skills and select two or three core competencies to […]

Attaining a Commercial pilot position is difficult and one needs to furnish the job application along with a professionally written resume in order to win an interview call. Before beginning the commercial pilot resume building process, it is advisable to group your qualifications and experience into broad categories. It is important to do so if […]

Tips A snoozing introduction of a cover letter for a Commercial Pilot might be fatal for your overall job hunt process. Do not waste time and space in stating where you found the ad. Instead, utilize the space for a unique and impressive opening statement. Another thing you don’t want to mention in your cover […]

Candidates are often intimidated by the task of resume writing for a psychological counseling position. The truth is, if followed step wise the process is actually not that horrible. Here are three broad steps that will help you in building an awesome psychology counseling resume. • Compiling all the information you need: Always begin by […]

Resumes are windows to success; a well written resume can make all the difference in the world where job possibilities are concerned. The entire content of a resume for Program Support Assistant is important which is why it is essential to pay attention to each part specifically. A program support assistant’s resume should be well thought […]

As part of a theater crew, ushers handle a lot of duties that are pivotal in ensuring that customers enjoy their shows. Being an usher, it is important that you make customers comfortable by ensuring exceptional customer services. You will control access to the theater by greeting customers, assisting them in finding their seats and […]

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