Guidelines Filling up space is not what you need to do when you are an entry level applicant who is writing a dental hygienist resume. The hiring manager who will read your resume will know that you do not have experience and will not expect to see long lists of irrelevant things that you have […]

Overview and Tips You need not look further because I am the one you want to hire is what you cover letter should be able to say. Yes, even if you are applying for an entry level dental hygienist position. Is it cheeky? A little perhaps, but cheekiness is what will get you the job. […]

You cannot pass off a document as a resume by simply filling it with information regarding who you are. Resumes are structured documents that spell out an individual’s professional profile in detail. Writing everything in one go will be considered information overload – and information overload is not considered positive. When an employer looks at […]

When we think of the term cover letter, what comes to mind is: • Opening paragraph • Middle paragraph • Closing paragraph All of us wish it were this easy but it isn’t! While this is the essence of a cover letter basically, it requires much more than writing three paragraphs. Cover letters are important […]

You will be surprised at how much of an attorney’s success depends on their team – specifically the legal secretary who provides him or her with administrative, research and clerical support. Answering telephone calls and preparing correspondence may seem like dull, mundane jobs but in actuality, these play an important role in how an attorney […]

Resumes for accountant position are not complete if they do boast of the accomplishments section. What exactly does an accomplishments section show off? Accomplishments, of course! But to make it clearer, let us go into a little detail. Accomplishments are anything that an individual does which has had a positive high impact on the company. […]

Overview and Guidelines You’re leaving your job, and people are asking you if you’re planning to ask your employer for a recommendation letter. Nah, you say, forget it. Who asks for recommendation letters nowadays? The answer is, everybody! Well, not absolutely everybody, but most hiring managers want to know how your previous employer viewed you, […]

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